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Presented by Jetpack Comics, the the big FCBD Cosplay competition kicks off Saturday May 5th 4:30  to 6:00 with some Cosplay Legends at the helm.

That’s right this year there will be a big cosplay competition highlighting the craftsmanship and love that cosplayers have. The contest will be open to all ages and all skill levels.  Richard Roberts, the photographer for FCBD, has donated a certificate for a free cosplay photo session, for the Best in Show Winner, worth $600!

Our Judges


Cares-O-Lot Cosplay

Carolyn has always had a passion for creating characters and making costumes since she was young. S he has only been cosplay ing for 2 years and has found a love for bringing her characters to life! She also enjoys drawing on cakes and is currently working on her own cake business when she is not working on new cosplays!
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Cosplay Dad

Cosplay Dad has been active on the New England cosplay scene since 2011, while he’s been making costumes since the 70s,it wasn’t until he won at Boston Comic Con’s costume contest as best walk-on as Mr. Carl Fredricksen from Disney’s Up that he became known outside his daughter’s friends. He continues cosplaying and appearing throughout New England as such
characters such as Mermaid Man, Soldier 76, Odin All-Father and most recently, Magneto from the X-Men universe.

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The grand 1st place winner of last years contest, Jetpack is excited to announce our 3rd judge, Aska!  As a cosplayer, Aska started making her costumes and took part in many cosplay events in Japan almost 10 years ago.
Now, as a creative artist, she is the founder of Studio Aska, which accepts commissions for custom kimono costume design and creation.
She also produces traditional Japanese crafts and Kanzashi hair accessories, as well as photography depicting Japanese fantasy.

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Our Hosts


Our Host
Wonderllama Cosplay

Gregg has hosted many events and co stum econtests, culminating in both the kids’and the adults’ costume contests at Boston Comic Con.

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Khepera Cosplay as Fiametta “The Jetpack Bomber Girl”

Come meet Jetpack’s official Bomber Girl, Fiametta, “The Little Fiery One”!
Make sure to check out her amazing jetpack and flamethrower! Both light up and actually work!!!

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